technology :: metro napping and the energy pod

It never fails. Everyday around 3PM your eyes start to droop and the urge to kick up your feet and get a little shut eye kicks in. Enter MetroNaps.com and the latest trend in power napping via their geeky looking pod chair that looks part beauty salon hairdryer and part space age cool. Workers around the world have been caught snoozing away in these Energy Pods that recline and enclose the snoozer in a privacy shield of comfort, then twenty minutes later gently wake them with a soft alarm and vibration. For a mere $8,000 + per chair, MetroNap promises to refresh and rejuvinate and will actually improve ones productivity. Australia has just okayed these Energy Pods for use in hospitals, not for the patients but for the doctors that need a reprieve from their long tiring work hours. A smart idea that will probably cut down on missing sponges and surgical instruments.


Hey, I want one of these. Their JUST COOL!

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