cars :: daughter desperately seeking one

Last week my daughter, Bex, called to let me know her car was on it's last legs and she was in desperate need of a new one. I did some research and found a great spot that reviews cars in a unique way and you can actually do a poll to see what the "masses" think of the car you are considering. Cool huh? So check it out. It's called vlane.com and was created so that people don't have to go through the car buying process alone.It's got some JUST COOL features that let people learn from the research and decisions of previous shoppers, car owners, friends and family, which makes the process of shopping for a car so much easier and more reassuring. OK so here's the poll I made - Please VOTE PEOPLE - I need some input here!

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Uncivil said...

I like the Honda Fit!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the forester is good