cool product :: sleep away your wrinkles

After reading about the copper pillowcase that claims to iron your wrinkles away, I am tempted to buy one. This fluffy head comforting miracle is woven of Cupron fibers (fibers impregnated with copper-oxide, that miracle mineral in medical bandages and other medical applications which is known to promote optimal healing and collagen synthesis. ) The manufacturer claims that in tests, those who used it for only four weeks had fewer wrinkles and lines than those with conventional bedding.

From My Cosmetic Surgery:

In a double blind, parallel, randomized clinical trial the test subjects who were given the copper pillows were shown to have improvement in their overall skin appearance. In the completed study, 57 individuals (2 men, and 55 women, between the ages of 30-60 years of age) were either given a copper pillowcase, or a standard “control” pillowcase. Photos were taken to document their “before” and additional photos taken at 2 weeks and 4 weeks for their afters.

At the end of the study, the improvements (or lack thereof) were graded by a dermatologist (whom I cannot yet find the name of) and included categories of wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines, general health, blemishes, and texture. The most improvement seemed to be with the texture, general health of the skin, with fewer blemishes seen in those who were using the Cupron fiber pillows. Fine lines and wrinkles were also lessened in appearance.

Am I convinced? If these aren't like those stick-em pads you put on the bottom of your feet to detox your body while you sleep, then...Yup! Who wouldn't like the idea of sleeping the wrinkles away? Dewrinkling, detoxifying ...while you sleep - Its JUST COOL! If it works ;)

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Anonymous said...

This Cupron company sucks...its expensive, it does not reduce wrinkles...don't waste your $$$....:-(

wendy presseisen, said...

thanks for the info and FIGURES! Sounded too good to be true :(

Neal Berry said...

We have sold the Cupron products for almost 2 years at www.CopperForLife.com and have lots of repeat customers. We have honestly not had a single request to return a product because it did not work. The main reason the products are expensive is the extremely high cost of copper. Copper is a natural anti-microbial that has been used for thousands of years. Using copper in fabric to enhance beauty is relatively new. All of the independent tests and our in-house studies prove that it will help. Not to mention all the great comments we've received from our customers.

It is nothing like the detox pads on your feet. The fabrics will not "detoxify" your body. However, they will absolutely reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I would normally recommend you try a pillowcase, but we are all out. We plan to have more copper products using a different technology within a couple months. They will be a little cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Cupron is great, and it works. Wendy, go do your own research, don't just listen to someone who knows nothing. They actually have patents on the technology, you can look it up. Plus, be very careful by other copper claims, like with the 3rd commenter here who says copper is expensive. it isn't. But a pillow case for under $40that works for life and reduces wrinkles is worth every copper penny.

wendy presseisen, said...

hmm...sounds worth investigating - thanks for the comments