cool product :: trashing children's art

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Take a looky at this JUST COOL and functional product called drawbasket that preserves your children's artwork in a very unique way over at drawbasket.biz. When my kids were in elementary school there wasn't a space on the fridge that wasn't consumed by their artwork. Unfortunately, over time some of it ended up smudged, wrinkled and, I hate to admit it ( bad mommy!) in the trash. The drawbasket is a neat mini trash can that safely sandwiches your kids artwork or any other sheets of paper between its plastic
walls to make a usable container. The art is preserved and interchangeable. Take it out, add to the kids scrap book and insert a new picture!

Great for kid's art, great for promoting your biz too! Now isn't that JUST COOL!

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sarahelizabeth said...

very cool! love it!