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Where else but in a land of ice and snow would an amazing concept like "ice music" come from?

All Ice Records is a Norwegian independent record company that was started in 2005. It's musicians / ice sculptors carve their instruments from blocks of ice they find lying around and then hold concerts at such events as Icefestival at Geilo, Norway.

The resonating sound is an interesting one - like hollow, haunting windchimes . Check out more about this interesting music in the video below that tells the story of the Geilo Ice Music Festival and the extraordinary artists that make it happen. In seven days ice is transformed into a stage and musical instruments are created: a guitar, didgeridoo, Norwegian horns, Brazilian Udus and Guiros. The festival culminates in an outdoor, mountaintop concert under the first full moon of the new year.

I don't know about you, but I'm off to put on a sweater. Its cold in here!
Ice music - its naturally JUST COOL.

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