News :: know about Megan's Law

Back in the old days, when I was a child, my parents let me and my siblings walk the three miles downtown to Proctor's Theatre and all the big department stores that were nestled on lower State Street in in downtown Schenectady. The world was a safe place to live back then and thoughts of kidnappings, sexual assault, and child molestation rarely went through any ones mind. We would spend our whole Saturday afternoon downtown without a care in the world. But fast forward to 2008 and the crime rate is soaring. The streets are no longer safe. Thank goodness that in 1995, Congress passed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act otherwise known as "Megan's Law". What this law does is prevent all types of sex related crimes. The exact location of any previous sex offender is now considered to be public record and by law all convicted sex offenders are required to register their address, and their information is made available to anyone who inquires about it.

The Sex Offender Registry is an excellent source that allows you to look up that information. and locate sex offenders in your area. Everyone has the right to know about these threats in their neighborhood, especially if they have children and teenagers. Of course Schenectady isn't as safe as it used to be but atleast we now have the technology to be more informed and aware, thanks to websites such as this.

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