technology :: ban the calls!

Telemarketers are annoying! I sometimes think they call us just to annoy us ! I'll be making dinner and who calls? You guessed it - the dreaded telemarketer. Thats why I screen all my calls with caller ID. But even then it sometimes doesn't work. It comes up on the caller ID as " anonymous caller", "private caller" or "New York Call". Now there's a place on the web that you can register your phone number, and it will remove your number from any database telemarketers and best of all, it's free. It's called "National No Call Registry" . This nifty website also has a service that will identify the anonymous caller. So Now, People, You Can Find Out Who Called You. It does all the detective work for you, all you do is type in the annoying telephone number! JUST COOL, huh?
It's about time someone took care of those annoying callers!

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