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This tiny handful of innocence caught my eye because he reminds me so much of my little dog, Poppy Petunia. (Yup, that little girl on the left, that my blog is named after).
Sweet little Rupert, the baby Muntjac fawn was born 3 weeks premature after ceasarean section at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire when his mom was struck by a car and later died. But Rupert, who weighed in at a little over 17 ounces and stood just 6 inches high, was a trooper and hung in there, being tube fed and kept in an incubator on oxygen. Sadly, he didn't survive. " Dicing with death since his birth, little Rupert had all the symptoms of a premature human baby — his lungs weren’t inflating properly and problems materialized when he was unable to ingest the lamb’s milk staff had been feeding him because he needed his mother’s bacteria. " Awww, how very SAD!

Photos Les Stocker

R.I.P. Rupert

Please visit the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital website to learn more, where they treat over 10,000 animals every year, and are open 24/7, 365 days a year to receive British wildlife casualties.

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Uncivil said...

A shout out to Poppy!!!
Poor little Rupert?