architecture :: a frozen treat

If you haven't heard about the Ice Hotel in Sweden, then take a look. Every year a new Ice Hotel is built in the village of Jukkasjärvi from the frozen waters of the nearby Torne River. Why? because the last one melted in the Spring . The Ice Hotel is a perfect collaborative effort of nature and man.Built from 30,000 tons of snow and 4,000 tons of ice, this frozen hotel is carved by a team of talented artists who create this temporary building’s architecture and artistic design which includes ten suites, the Absolut Vodka-sponsored IceBar, an onsite restaurant, and even an ice church. With no heat in this giant igloo, guests sleep in thermal sleeping bags on stylish ice beds covered in native reindeer skins. At night the IceBar serves vodka at subzero temperatures in carved ice shot glasses. Recreation includes dogsled rides, Reindeer rustling, northern lights watching, and frozen waterfall climbing.




Frozen accomodations that are JUST COOL!

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