small spaces :: the shoe wheel solution

What's this funny looking thing? It looks like an abandoned hamster wheel filled with miniature shoes but what it is is a Shoe Wheel. Raku developed this nifty space saving shoe storage on wheels for those of us who have little space to store our Imelda Marcos sized shoe collection. This cool wheel will store 30 pairs of shoes from spikey stilettos to everyday sneakers. The shoes are safely secured in their spot with an elastic band, making for a neat look and a quick and easy way to select your pair of shoes.

The Shoe Wheel can be conveniently rolled around to whichever closet you want it in, thanks to the little wheels on the bottom. But why bother - when it looks this cool you'll want the whole world to see it - and your shoe collection.

Think the holidays and what a great gift for your shoe lovin' friends and family this would make. And with all of the shoes we Shoe-aholics are coveting I'm sure just one Shoe Wheel won't do. We'll need one for the red shoes, one for the black, one for glittery,one for pumps, one for...

The Shoe Wheel , priced at $65 and available in silver, white or black at the Rakku website
and it's JUST COOL!

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tszuj-meister said...

Hi , Just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I first came across this fabulous shoe storage product on your blog and, as they say in the classics... was so impressed I bought the company! Well not really but am now selling and distributing it in the UK through tszuji. Thanks again. Shoe Wheel by Rakku now available at tszuji! By the way if you loved the girls from Sex and the City have a look at what Sam and Carrie think of tszuji!!
P.S.I live in the Cotswolds and couldn't help notice the story on the canine palazzo!!