architecture :: the tallest building is twisted

Where else will we see the World's next tallest building? Dubai, of course! Plans for this gargantuous sky scraper are now underway. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it. This gulliverian Jumeirah City project, comprises six separate buildings twisting themselves into a one and a half mile high skyscraper and is so tall that instead of the humdrum elevator to navigate the the 400 floors, it will boast a vertical 125 mph bullet train instead. The towering compact "city" will consume 37,000 megawatts per hour per year, with a 15MWH peak usage, but as the plans show, it has been designed to generate most of it using wind, thermal, and solar power.

Dubai City Tower

An architectural feat of grand proportion, imagine having the penthouse view!
Definitely JUST COOL!

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