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If the name Electrolux brings visions of stuffy old canister vacuum cleaners to mind, then check out the Design Lab 2008 competition. Design Lab is an annual global design competition held by Electrolux and the design entries aren't stuffy at all. Here's a few of my favs, although I have to say, each and every one gets my vote.

2_coox.jpg Coox: Antoine Lebrun designed this cool cooktop on wheels, allowing you and your culinary skills the freedom to travel room to room. Its sleek modern form uses existing induction cooktop tech and it's the perfect appliance on wheels for the hostess with the mostest!

7_drawerkit.jpg Drawer Kitchen: Designer Nojae Park says,"...who wants to move while they are at their monitor, but at the same time, they are hungry. So they want to solve their hunger problem near their computer." With drawer kitchen, why should you have to move, when you can jam a whole kitchen into a nifty little drawer and keep it right next to you on top of your desk. It's got it all, including a refrigerator, hot plate, a place for stashing dishes, and even a little table for one. Does it even hook up to your USB?? Maybe...maybe not.

These kitchen concepts are JUST COOL!

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