art :: umbrellas that help

There's a great agency in my community that serves senior citizens and persons with disabilities by offering them help with common everyday tasks and repairs around the house that they themselves could not otherwise do. It's called The Umbrella and is a nonprofit agency that is helping these people keep the two things they cherish most...their homes and their independence.

Tomorrow night, October 24th, The Umbrella will be holding one of it's annual events called Art of the Umbrella. Artists from throughout the Capital Region paint, decorate and donate one of a kind umbrellas for an auction in support of Umbrella of the Capital District and its’ mission of helping the elderly & people with disabilities to live safely and comfortably in their own homes. An art gallery atmosphere with food & music provides the setting for a live auction where guests will bid & take home their favorite umbrella. Guests will have the chance to vote for the events overall favorite umbrellas. So yesterday I painted my umbrella entry and here it is.

Yeah I know, its a little wild. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Let me tell you, painting an umbrella has it's challenges! First the paint did not take to the surface and then the theme that I had originally intended for this, "Cats Hiding" , took a turn of its own becoming a colorful abstract of shapes and designs. But yes, I did get that cat in there. I'll let you know how the auction turns out (including pictures of the other umbrellas).

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