candy :: Halloween haul

To pillowcase or not to pillowcase. Thats the big question on every serious trick-or-treaters mind this spooky halloween night. When I was a kid, we always found the biggest pillowcase in the house to collect all our sugary loot in. Unfortunately back then (I know I'm dating myself on this one) king pillowcases hadn't been invented so we could only use the standard size. Now imagine all the candy you could haul away with those california kings?

Over at My Science Project they made a serious but humorous study of how much Halloween candy can fit in a pillowcase. Pillowcase or pumpkin pail, which is your (or your kids, grandkids) favorite Halloween Bag?

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pika said...

if i lived in a country where trick-or-treating was standard practice on halloween i'd take a continental pillowcase. is that too greedy?

(i suppose maybe that would be the first option)