Real estate :: rats increasing property sales

Remember Banksy? Well, a bizarrer than bizarre bidding war has broken out over a derelict London Pub all because of one of Banksy's big Rats. The rat in question is said to be one of his biggest rats ever and Owner Frenson is scurrying to cash in on the bidding frenzy.
Banksy Rat

He recently put the former White House pub, which is on ECHO’s "Stop The Rot" hitlist, up for sale for £495,000. The attached giant “gunrat” mural that was sprayed on the derelict building four years ago, will only sweeten the deal with expectations of it's doubling the price. Urban art specialists Purple Revolver, who have campaigned for the giant Banksy to be preserved, said that the building will easily fetch more than £1 million at auction.Unconventional Banksy has cornered the graffiti art market, selling his unique pieces for millions, and counts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie among his collectors.

Hmmm... I think I smell a rat somewhere. That looks like a cat not a rat.

But I guess it's not - It's Banksy's Rat. His rats are JUST COOL!

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