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Who ever invented the laptop was a genius. Now the world is portable and we can take it everywhere we go. For college, for work, for mom's on the go and for travel, laptop computers are an indispensable part of life and keep us connected!

If you are in the market for a new laptop, shopping around for one for yourself, as a gift, or for your son or daughter off to college, you'll want to do a little research. Not just to compare prices to get the best cheap laptop but to compare specs and features too. Because certain computers are better for some things then others, like the macBook , which is great for graphic design and video editing for instance.

I've found a few websites out there that may be of help in finding the one that is best for you. One such website is called Savebuckets and it will literally save you buckets of cash by doing price comparisons on such leading brands as Acer, HP, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba laptops (And yes, the macBook of course). Savebuckets lists all the different laptops with a price comparison and then when you click on the laptop that you're interested in, it takes you right to that web store where you can investigate your chosen computer to your hearts content and even purchase it!

I love shopping from my computer, don't you? With websites like Savebuckets , that save us time AND money, Its JUST COOL!

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