travel :: superman's cave of bling

It's the ultimate, most humungous, unrefined bling you'll ever see! The Naica Mine in the Mexican state of Chihuahua is home to this unbelievable cave, which is what you might call a south of the border "Fortress of Solitude". It harbors some of the worlds largest known natural crystals and at 50 feet long they are definitely of Superman Proportions!

Pictures of Giant Crystal Cave, Naica, Mexico: Mine

Pictures of Giant Crystal Cave, Naica, Mexico: Mine

Don't get too excited though. These aren't the diamond bling we all know and love. These are actually translucent beams of Gypsum, and the mine is a working mine that mines primarily, silver, zinc and has been in existence since 1794. This incredible cave" Crystal Cave of Giants.", however, was only recently discovered in 2000.

What a discovery! This ice palace is JUST COOL!

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