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Here in Upstate New York, the cold weather already has us bundling up in warm clothing, piling on the blankets and yup, cranking the heat up. This weekend it was in the low 40's, with snowflakes flying up in the Adirondacks. But I found some really cool heaters that will keep us warm. They're over at Deltacalor, an Italian company ( of course, don't most cool designs come from Italy?)

deltacalor radiator

deltacalor radiator

This uber cool radiator , called Calorisfero sure doesn't look like your ordinary radiator. It's design of spiralized steel hugging natural wood compliments the modern interior, warming it up with good looks as well as comfortable radiant heating.

Its so warm and toasty that it's JUST COOL!

From : Deltacalor

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Tracy said...

So much better than my tired old relic.