Cool Product :: Jolly Rancher Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton Candy just got funner. And more flavorful! Japan is cashing in on this All- American favorite, with it's clever invention called the the Ame de Wataame, that turns Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers and any hard candy into melt in your mouth, cavity feeding Cotton Candy. Imagine popping a rootbeer Jolly Rancher into the cup in the center and minutes later enjoying the wispy sugary goodness of rootbeer flavored cotton candy. With all the endless flavors that hard candy comes in the kiddies will love it and your Dentist will too.

Ame de Wataame custom cotton candy maker

The Japan Trend Shop is exporting these around the world for $159 USD (plus $60 EMS shipping).

Cotton candy thats JUST COOL!

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