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Anyone who knows me will tell you that my home is a plethura of patterns and colors, from layered textiles in paisleys,toiles and batiks to oriental rugs in every design,period and style. I just LOVE color and pattern! I can't help it. Spending a large part of my childhood in the company of a grandmother who was a textile and fashion designer, and a grandpa who was a watercolorist and architect, how could I not have a headful of patterns running rampant in my mind just waiting to come to life in my home. So you'll understand why I am in love with the textiles and products over at JohnRobshaw.com.


John Robshaw Textiles employs traditional printing, dying and weaving techniques, painting a story of adventure from far off places - from Yogakarta to Rajasthan, Bolivia to Vietnam. His authentic designs capture all the variations in blockprint and printmaking such as overlapping prints and the miss-registrations of woodblocks that record the human hand. I think this is just one of the reasons I like his textiles so much.

They aren't perfect - they're JUST COOL!

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