Halloween :: the scariest costume

...only it isn't a costume - it's for real.

Jocelyn Wildenstein doesn't have to worry about what to wear for Halloween. She's been wearing it for years and each year it gets a little better - and scarier. The rich 68 year old divorcee spent over $3 million on cosmetic surgery over the years and it started way back in the 1990's when she caught her husband in bed with a Russian model and decided to get his attention by turning into one of his favorite pets, a cat. Her pricey feline transformation didn't help her though - it scared him so much that he divorced her.


The plasticene feline is known to have received several procedures including silicone injections to the lips, cheek, and chin along with a facelift and eye reconstruction to appear more feline. (Uhhh...it looks like atleast 100 procedures.) This meowerific lady is known by nicknames like Cat Woman and Bride of Frankenstein (aka Wildenstein.) and believe it or not - she's still hot - atleast according to her longtime boyfriend Lloyd Klein. All she needs now are some whiskers and a tail. At her age the whiskers shouldn't be a problem.

Happy Halloween everyone! This cat woman is JUST COOL!

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