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This spa experience is guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Ara Barak claims her pet snakes make the perfect masseurs and that their muscular movements cause a relaxing massage sensation when placed on a person's skin. Sure... if you like the feeling of cold clammy snake skin slithering across your back.
Snake massage

Snake massage

Her reptile massage offers the massagee a choice of deep massage with the bigger meaty snakes or a "light touch massage" that employs the smaller, more delicate creepy crawlers that tickle your tendons, all for a mere £30.

Ms Barak realizes that some people may have an aversion to snakes so snakes aren't the only masseurs in her massage parlor . She also offers Rodent massage where mice and rats are placed on the bottoms of the feet instead. Really. I think all this animal/reptile massage is just an excuse for her laziness. She doesn't lift a finger while she makes her "pets" do all the work. A case for PETA?

Slithering succotash - massage that's JUST COOL or CRUEL?

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