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Neil Young and 1959 Lincoln Continental car photo

Neil Young isn't just a Rock Icon, he's a tinkerer too. His current project is turning a nearly 20-foot-long, 5,000-pound badass 1959 Lincoln Continental into a vehicle that will run on natural gas, electricity or some other form of clean energy. Like a lot of other energy concious tinkerers Young is entering this big white beast in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize challenge to win $10 million. The goal is to get a car that can get 100 miles per gallon or better by running on clean fuels — electric batteries or natural gas. Why his 1959 Lincoln Continental and not a lighter more aerodynamic car? Because it's Neil's favorite, and the "craziest and most out-there design that American automobile manufacturers have come up with".

Linc Volt 1959 Neil Young photo

Young has teamed up with motorhead messiah Johnathon Goodwin and his team known for their modifications of big cars into high-mileage, high-horsepower, clean-burning vehicles to show the world how even a mammoth auto like Young's Link Volt can run efficiently on clean energy. Check out Lincvolt.


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