lighting :: safety for the industry

Although lighting is an intrinsic part of interior design, did you know that it's just as important a consideration in the industrial work place? When equipping hazardous work spaces such as spray booths, refineries, mining areas or any other area where flammable vapors and dusts are present, even the the fixtures used for lighting these areas are an important consideration. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has strict rules and mandates a variety of safety guidelines concerning even the lighting for these work places.

Magnalight.com is one supplier of lighting that adheres to the OSHA code and has recently introduced a line of new explosion proof work lights . These lights are important in that they produce no heat or spark and are the safest lights within the environment. In fact they go through rigorous testing in order to meet OSHA requirements. One such test is done by dropping them from different heights while surrounded by flamable vapors. This line of explosion proof lights that Magnalight.com offers includes battery operated LED flashlights, 400 watt metal halide tank inspection lights and fluorescent lights for paint spray booths. Not only are the company's prices significantly lower than those of it's competitors, but it has some impressive testimonials concerning it's products right on it's website, as well.

So don't think lighting is just for looking pretty, casting a dazzling glow on a flawlessly designed interior . It's also a necessity in the industrial work place and it's gotta be safe!

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