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Marco Magni, global sales director of Magniflex and youngest son of the company's founder, and his dog Ghemon get comfy on the golden mattress

A couple years ago a well intentioned company called Magniflex, came up with a brainstorm of an idea to make $24,000 mattresses. Unfortunately the rumplestiltskin-esque bedding flopped. The Italian company sold less than 100 of the opulent, fit for a king mattresses. I wonder why?

Now, two years later the company has gone to the dogs.Literally. A scaled down version of the golden mattress is now available for finicky fido and with a more palatable price tag - only $1,000€–$3,000. With the huge pampered pet population out there, I don't doubt this time around the golden mattress will be a success.

Its gold, so of course it's JUST COOL!

from bookofjoe

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