services :: annoying phone call solved!

The annoying phone call. It happens right when you are about to make dinner, when one hand is stirring the pasta into the boiling water while the other is trying to manipulate the stuck lid off the jar of spagetti sauce. I hate that! Lately I've been getting the same caller in the middle of the night, too. I'll be happily slumbering away and all of sudden my sweet dreams are interrupted by the iritating ring ring ring of the phone. I thought I solved the problem by turning off the phone at night but now I've decided, I JUST WANT TO KNOW - Who is it that is calling me at all hours of the day and night! It's just plain annoying.

Well, lucky for me there's a website I remembered on the internet, where other people filled with annonymous phone caller angst like I, can go and report such phone numbers. On the website it has a Harassing Caller Report where you type in the phone number in question and it looks up the number so you can see what other's have reported about it. What a clever idea I think! Often times the calls are from bill collectors or telemarketers, but sometimes they are just an honest mistaken wrong number. Try it if this is happening to you. I'm going there right now to find out who my annonymous caller was.

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