art :: 100 tons of paint on the walls

It's stunning, it's staggering and grandiose both in design and cost! The commissioned artwork for the domed ceiling of the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room in the United Nations offices in Geneva stoked controversy over the spending of over 18m euros to create it. The pricey ceiling took over 100 tons of paint layered on anextra strength aluminum dome to come to fruition.

Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo took over a year to create his abstact 3D Michelangelo like masterpiece. When asked about his source of inspiration, he stated, "On a day of immense heat in the middle of the Sahel desert, I recall with vivacity the mirage of an image of the world dripping toward the sky - Trees, dunes, donkeys, multicoloured beings flowing drop by drop."

Like stalagtites in a psychedelic cave, this ceiling is JUST COOL - Hope it doesn't puncture anyone!

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Tracy said...

Wow, I wonder if this is dangerous? I wouldn't want one of those paint stalactites to fall on me! It's cool but looks a little out place.