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Makeup, that wonderful invention that makes us beautiful even when we are at our ugliest, has some ugly secrets to tell. What is makeup actually made up of? These ingredients will surprise you:

Pepper spray: in your lipstick? Yup, it's that Oleoresin Capsicum that causes a warming sensation when applied topically to make your lips look big, fat and beautiful.

Egg whites: one of the prime ingredients in skin firming products, albumen constricts very efficiently when dried. Hey I remember egg white masks, before a big night out, do you?

Urine : Well really urea which is an ingredient in urine. Eeeewww! As a cosmetic ingredient, urea is a functional skin-softener and humectant, which means it helps to collect and hold moisture in the skin.

Plastic : It's what keeps the crispy crunch in your coif, the waterproofness in your mascara and its the tiny little beads in your skin exfoliant. Plastic serves as a film-former in hair gel, hairspray, barrier products, and liquid bandages too.

Salt : Good old table salt is a common ingredient in shampoo, facial cleanser, body wash, bubble bath, and anything else that foams.

Lard : Gramma's shortnin' does double duty to make your skin baby soft. The shortening or hydrogenated vegetable oil is an amazing skin-softener, emollient, and barrier ingredient and included in many heavy body and foot creams, lip balms, and in some suntan products. I remember reading about Doris Day slathering her whole body with crisco once a week so I guess it works!

Hmmm... putting pee, eggs, salt and pepper spray on my face does sound pretty gross. But hey, I love makeup and if it makes me look good...It's JUST COOL!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I think the pepper spray is most surprising... I know they use fish scales and such in lipstick. I'm glad I use very little make-up :)

Mind if I link to your blog? I've recently created a blog roll and I like the stuff you post about :3
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