Health :: the Magic Fat Burning Chair

Don't let this magical fat burning chair fool you. From their website - " Hobart I Cool Seat is designed to reduce body weight while sitting.I-Cool, the first ever Exercise-Free, Calorie Burning seat designed to deliver significantly increased sedentary calorie burn rates.
This proprietary system, which induces accelerated calorie outtake via temperature regulation, creates a revolutionary personalized micro-environment, by allowing individual users to set their preferred temperature within the comfort of their own personal space, regardless of the climate around them."

In other words this thermostatically controlled hot seat burns your blubber by making you sweat . Frankly, I hate to sweat and the idea of sitting on what looks like a George Forman Grill doesn't appeal to me, either. Sorry, Padwa Design.

I'd rather eat salad. It's JUST COOL.

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alex padwa said...

The seat actually COOLS your body. You can control the temperature, but it COOLS you. Hence the name.