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I thought the Ice Hotel was JUST COOL but the salty Hotel de Sal Playa may have it beat. Located near the famous Uyuni salt deposit in the southwestern part of the Bolivia, the Salt Hotel was built in 1993 to take advantage of all the tourists it draws to Uyani, (one of the world's largest salt deposits of its kind). So get this - the whole hotel is made entirely of salt. The walls are made of salt blocks held together with mortar made from (you guessed it!) salt and water. The fifteen room 'Salt Hotel' is so salty that even the beds, tables and chairs are made of salt and the floor is granulated salt too. Im getting all crusty thinking about it ;)

salt hotel

salthotel insideview

Don't lick the walls

Hotel de Sal Playa - Salt Hotel (9) 2

Hotel de Sal Playa - Salt Hotel (9) 5But wait, the fun doesn't stop there because this salty destination is also known for it's dramatic sunsets, giant cactuses, hot springs and sulphur pools, not to mention some amazing psychedelic lakes - a white lake made from borax, a red lake infested with red algae, a yellow lake due to sulphur concentrations, and blue one from the manganese.

Hey this place sounds JUST COOL! Now watch the video.

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