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Spam, that annoying stuff we see in our email inboxes so often has finally been canned. For now anyway. I was wondering why one of my email boxes had been very empty the past week. Has yours? Maybe this explains it.

Two major internet service providers (ISPs) cut off internet access to the company McColo.com on Tuesday and online junk mail has been slashed by 75 per cent after a company believed to host some of the world's largest internet spam gangs was shut down. The California-based company had a client list that included some of the world's largest cyber-criminal gangs who bombarded computers with unwanted messages.

McColo Corp had a number of criminal organisations they were turning a blind eye to,' Jason Steer, product manager at IronPort, told vnunet.com. Unfortunately the shutdown will not affect spam in the long term, saying that spammers will find other outlets and although The McColo web page is currently down, the company can go online again if they find another willing ISP. Drat!

via informationweek

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