shopping :: wish list comes true

I was just doing a search for Kitchenaid appliances and I found that Sears carries them. My daughter Rebecca has a KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer in the apple green color at the top of her wish list and they even have that!

So of course I have to check out all the other products they have because it's always nice when you can do all your shopping at one place. And just like Kmart , Sears also has a payment plan called Sears Layaway which will makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to paying for everything. All I have to do is bring the items up to the cashier, make a payment and when I have everything paid off, I can take it home and wrap it up. Talk about easy! Another plus about this plan besides the convenient payment part is that I don't have to make room in my closet for all the gifts, because Sears holds everything right there, right up until Christmas Eve. That means no sneaky kids peeking in the closet when Mom is out. Hey, I may as well take advantage of this one stop shopping and buy a few other gifts as well. Leonard and Marga, my two favorite octagonarians would love new gloves and scarves I'm sure, and maybe I'll pick up a few Wii games for Aven and Calla. They've been asking about the Dogz game and My Sims Kingdom. Josh and Sasha really need some new tools for their home remodel (that never ending one they are always working on). Sears probably carries the largest power tool selection of any department store known to man and their line of Craftsman tools can't be beat for quality.
So that's it, I think I have a few gift ideas "wrapped up" for now. How about you? Sears is JUST COOL!


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