Shopping :: layaway relieves stress

Yesterday we went to Colonie Center and I actually made a small dent in my Christmas list. I was surprised how quiet all the stores were, but then again I am starting Christmas shopping earlier then usual. Have you started yours yet? What with Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving only a couple weeks away, time is really flying by. So I decided to do bits and pieces here and there, unlike all my other years when I waited until the last minute and was totally overwhemed. They had a lot great sales yesterday. I picked up a few cute outfits for Libby and some kitchen gadgets for the cooks on my list. I thought a few gift certificates were a really good idea too for those hard to buy for people. They can choose what they want instead of opening my carefully chosen present, hating it and then having to go back to the store to return it.

For all those hot items on my list, like just released wii games, the hottest toys and other electronics I have decided to do the Kmart Layaway thing which I have raved about before. I'm going online at the Kmart.com website and making a list of what I have to get, then I'll take a ride over there this week, reserve all those " hot" items early by putting them on layaway, and pay over the next few weeks. Then I'll pick them up just in time for Christmas. Its a great plan and will take alot of stress out of this holiday season.

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