art :: Funky fonty Landscapes

Wayne White takes old thrift store paintings and jazzes them up with his own embellishments - namely words. I guess that saying that "a picture paints a thousand words" is true when it comes to his cool paintings. The former Pee Wee's playhouse set designer turns his second hand finds into beautiful funky landscapes that are definitely a little kitschy, a little funny and ALOT strange.

Cover for Issue 260

What made him turn from a life of producing successful music videos and decorating Pee Wee's playhouse? "I wanted something that was 180 degrees different from Pee-wee. So I decided to start painting traditional romantic American landscapes. I'd do historical scenes, giant Civil War battles, or a steamboat coming down a river. I taught myself traditional oil-painting techniques. The paintings started getting just a little weirder and a little weirder. I started putting monsters and stuff into them, but I kept the same realistic technique. And then one day I wanted to put a giant phrase in. I had one of those thrift-store landscape reproductions in the studio. I was going to take the picture out and just use the frame. But right before I did that, I looked at it and thought, Well, what would happen if I just used this ready-made landscape? It was kind of just an experiment."

His paintings are a funky concept I like! They're JUST COOL!

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