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World's Most Expensive Blog

So you think blogs are just fun and games? Or a way to pass time if you enjoy writing ? They can be both, but they can also be a way of cushioning your wallet and living the lifestyle of your dreams too. Take for instance John Wu's blog called Bankaholic. Well actually it isn't his blog anymore because he sold it to BankRate for a whopping 12.4 million dollars and is expected to receive an additional 2.5 million bucks over the next year, making Bankoholic the most expensive blog ever sold to date. The blog created and soley operated by Wu receives revenue from google adsense and several credit card companies. So yeah, I like hearing this news. I'm aspiring to such dreams - do you think JUST COOL will hit the million mark by the end of 2009? I hope! ;)

Blogs - they're JUST COOL!

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