fashion :: uggs to moovs

Are these cute or what? A step up from the coveted Ugg Boots, the innovative MoovBoot features 100% sheepskin lining with a removable inner sole for extra warmth and comfort, as well as exclusive patterns you will love wearing ! Uggs are fine for the cold but when the cold turns wet they fail miserably. They get soaked and soggy and who wants frozen feet trapped in a pair of water stained boots? Thats where Moovs step in. These chic galoshes are watertight and sport a cozy fleece lining just like Uggs but they perform much better than Uggs in inclement weather. They come in several cool patterns in tall and short styles.
Check out the sassy MoovBoot at their website. They are soooo JUST COOL!!

via reubenmiller

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