laptops :: keeping them comfy

Hi there. Glad you could stop by JUST COOL. I'm a laptop and since I'm one of the driving forces behind this blog, I thought you might want a glimpse into my everyday life as well. Just because Just Cool posts are all bright and rosy (and sometimes a little weird) [Boot]doesn't mean my life is too. Quite the contrary. With the daily commute, fast paced meetings and always being on the go, life can be hell for me. I'm smooshed into a laptop bag, slung around, tossed on top of and squished under seats, smacked on desks and if that isn't bad enough I've even had food and drinks spilled on me. In other words, Laptop abuse. If it wasn't for my "Boot" laptop bag from Spire that I'm wearing now, I would have lost my mind (and memory) a long time ago. Being cradled in Spire's cushy softness has kept my hard drive intact, my cd rom happy and my gigabytes in top form. In fact I overheard the Boss extolling the virtues of my Spire laptop bag - how it is durable, functional, comfortable and get this - guaranteed for life! I bet other laptop bags can't promise that. I suppose that means I will be wearing this one for a while knowing the Boss. But I guess I shouldn't complain since it looks stylish and did I mention that it keeps me comfy, too? Yeah, it does. It's JUST COOL!


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