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If you aren't familiar with the art of Trompe l'oeil  then take a look at these. Trompe-l'œil is french for "fool the eye" and an art technique involving  realistic imagery that creates an optical illusion making the object appear three dimensional. Above, you may think you are looking at the panoramic Hudson River through a set of classic architectural columns, but nope... fooled ya! You aren't. What you are looking at is actually a 10' X 60' mural painted on a long cement wall. This amazing artistry is just one example of New York City born, West Coast raised, artist  Eric Grohe's painterly expertise.

Great American Crossroad

Miller Brewing Company

Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Believe it or not all of these beautiful facades  were once plain old blank cement walls until Grohe got his hands on them. His  large public mural projects are painted on site and typically take several months, giving the local community a unique opportunity to witness the day-to-day progress of his art. 

For Eric Grohe, each project is a grand adventure resulting in a believable fantasy that is JUST COOL! Check out more of his fantastic projects at his website.

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