fashion :: queen of boho - iris apfel

Design icon, Iris Apfel is definitely a woman ahead of her time. With her inherent artistic nonsensibility, her style, individuality, and keen eye for color and pattern, it's obvious that she wrote the book on Bohemian chic long before the term and style ever became fashionable.

Over 50 years ago as an interior designer looking for fine traditional silk-woven fabrics and finding them few and far between, Iris Apfel cashed in on a golden opportunity along with her husband, Carl, and founded Old World Weavers. She built it into one of the most prestigious brands in the world of textiles and interior design, with a who's who clientele that included Greta Garbo,Estée Lauder and even the White House. Now in her mid eighties, she still tantalizes her followers with her glorious offbeat styles, colors, textures, and patterns. Her ostentacious oddball style has no regard for convention which makes it all the more wonderful and genius to me! Take a look at some of her crazy creations.

And the shoes too! Although you won't catch me wearing any of these - I think they are definitely JUST COOL! But Iris, nix the poindexter glasses, please.

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