games :: actionallstars.com, fun for all!

My grandkids Aven and Calla love basketball, so wasn't I happy when I found this awesome Fun online game that they can play when they come over to visit Mimi! The website, called ActionAllStars.com is a great virtual game spot for kids of any age, (even old fogeys like me!)  plus its Safe and secure so you don't have to worry about the kids while they are playing. I had fun making up my avatar. You get to choose hairstyle and color, your face features, even your basketball outfit and sneakers. Cool! Check me out to the right, thats me over there, JUST COOL.
I like this action packed game that you can play for Free, because a lot of games that my grandkids log into aren't free and the kids are always nagging us to sign them up and it does get costly plus you never know if there are any viruses lurking in the sidelines while they are playing. Another plus about ActionAllStars.com is that the virtual game is affiliated with such notable names in sports as  MLB.com (MLBAM), and NBA.com (National Basketball League), and for safety and security they have partnered up with ConnectSafetly.org making them "current ActionAllStars.com partners"! If you're looking for some fun action online then you have to check them out. They're JUST COOL!



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