technology :: try LeapFish !

Remember my earlier  post about LeapFish? Well, since I wrote about it yesterday I've been testing it out and with great success! Ordinarily I do my searches on Firefox through Google, until I unknowingly downloaded some virus from Firefox over the New Year, it crashed my computer and then I had to reinstall Windows. Not a fun undertaking, so cross your fingers that it doesn't happen to you. So then I started using Google Chrome but that  has alot  to be desired - it's very basic and doesn't have all the addons like the other search engines. Internet E xplorer? Don't like it at all.- I have never had luck with it- tons of annoying popups and it crashes all the time. So right now  I am playing it safe and using Chrome  despite it's limitations , but also  doing my searches with this cool Leapfish interface which I am very pleased with. My searches go much faster and the results seem to be right on too. And like I mentioned before ,it searches while I type which is a very cool feature unlike the other search engines. I hope it catches on because I'd like to see the company develop it even further, with more add ons and features. Who knows, it could  easily become  one of the top search engines.Oh and another great feature about Leap Fish? You can choose which of the three major search engines you would like to search through - Google, Yahoo, or  MSN. Or use all three if you'd like! The tips widget  it has is neat too. For instance  I learned four ways to cut onions without tears , just from going on there to do a search. I like to cook, I needed to know that!
I love this multifaceted search engine interface called LeapFish. Even it's  LeapFish Blog  is JUST COOL!


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