ebay :: extreme cave home for sale

In December of 2003 Kurt and Deborah Sleeper purchased a St. Louis Missouri 15,000 square foot cave for about $160,000 on Ebay. Now, 6 years later after spending over five years turning the cave into a livable home and offices, and living in it for less than one, (and giving birth to their third child in it just last week!) the couple is forced to sell, due to the economy. And they are selling it on...you guessed it....Ebay!

Check out their eBay Cave Home Auction here and see and read all about caveland here. It is amazing and JUST COOL!

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MatT said...

I am surprised and amazed all at the same time. This is such a unique property and house, it almost seems fake. The owners blog and picture journal of the whole process is pretty amazing too. It starts from the very beginning and takes you through the entire process of building, finishing and construction. Talk about a solid foundation! It's a shame nobody has bid on it and hopefully they will either be able to sell it or work something out with their loan. Worst comes to worse they should turn it into a bed and breakfast or musuem or something. This is definitely JUST COOL. This property gives a whole new meaning to the word caveman. I wonder what the world would be like if the first cavemen decided to build these instead of houses on ground.

coffee said...

living in a cave-house would be ideal; nothing but peace and quiet all the time