food :: play with it!

When I was a wee child we learned table manners. Lots of them. No elbows on the table, napkin in your lap, always say please and thank you when passing the peas, eat everything on your plate because children were starving in China. Always ask permission to be excused. And if we had to use the bathroom during the meal (don't all little ones have to?) we had to refer to it as "the facilities"- e.g.,"may I please be excused to use the facilities". But the grande dame of all table manners / rules was :"NEVER PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!"
Well Boys and Girls, times have changed. Nowadays kids eat when, where and WHAT they want, with no pleases, no thank you's and who cares if people are starving in China. Down the disposal goes the less than half eaten plate of food. Even the NEVER PLAY with your food rule has gone down the drain because of FRED's nifty plate called Food Face. Call me rebellious from a childhood of strict upbringing, but I whole heartedly approve of this one! 
Bring on the peas, the mashed potatoes and all the other culinary goodies because Fred's Food Face turns dinner into art. These neat plates would be great fun for my grandkids ( you may even catch me playing with my food too ;)). And hey - they may even get Aven to eat his dinner for once! The plates are mid-size and crafted from hotel-quality, food-safe, high-fire ceramics and each is individually gift boxed with lots of inspirational (not to mention wacky) food art. Wouldn’t YOU have loved this when you were a kid? Me too! 
Come on now - playing with food is fun and JUST COOL! ;)

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