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Social Networking. It's the hottest trend going on the web today and there are new social networks springing up everyday it seems. So many that it can get a bit overwhelming with all the choices one has! I have a facebook account, a myspace, you can follow me on twitter or see me on flickr, see my stuff on etsy or even bid on my eBay auctions. Each is a unique community in and of itself.
And now there is a new social network  that I just found which  is actually a lot of fun since it matches up users with each other by what they have! Thats right, you post your "stuff" on Acobay's consumer network and you can see which other users have like tastes etc.. You can upload pictures of your stuff and give your reviews - then go and read the reviews of others. And the cool thing is that the site has just about every category under the sun.  I posted my camera, my dog and this blog.

Try it! It's a social network that is VERY JUST COOL!

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