home makeover :: shutter face lift

I've always been a sucker for decorating shows, house flipping shows and especially that popular show called "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". It's amazing the transformation that happens when you get a bunch of dedicated good hearted people working together for a worthy cause. So check out this house in West Virginia. It looks pretty pathetic, doesn't it?

With donations from severalbuilders and building supply companies, "Extreme Home" made a deserving families dream come true! The house went from total shack to lovely colonial in less than a week. One of the details I like about this transformation is those beautiful exterior shutters from Larson Shutters! This company has a ton of different shutter styles manufactured in a variety of materials. I checked out their site and if you order before the end of the year, they are offering free shipping. Can't beat that.  I'm sure your house doesn't need an extreme makeover, but a face lift with durable new shutters from larsonshutter.com  would sure make it happy! Check out their website for more inspiration.

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