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Everyone jokes about it, but Smellovision may be closer than we think! Smelling your movies via a clever concept called SMELLIT, from Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira, brings contextual smells to the viewers schnoz  via 118 aroma cartridges, each triggered by reading "smell information" embedded in a DVD.

SMELLIT works like your printer, using smell cartridges instead of ink cartridges. While your DVD player reads the video and sound information from your DVD , SMELLIT processes the same DVD with the ”smell CARD” decoding all the smell information from 10 to 20 seconds ahead of the actual scene so that the aromas (pleasant and not so pleasant!) have time to reach the viewers. After decoding the smell information, the cartridge vaporizes a very small amount of concentrated “smell gel”, and the central fan difuses the smell throughout the space. It can be loaded with 118 cartridges, each one with a different concentrated “smell gel”. All the cartridges can be easily changed and last 3 times more than a regular ink cartridge.
When and if this will be hitting the market anytime soon is unknown but the concept is JUST COOL!

via behance

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