medicine :: ringtone surgery = bigger boobs

I don't usually write about boobs but I couldn't believe this - until I watched the video. A Japanese rock musician / cognitive scientist has found an innovative way to increase breast size. And reversing hair loss and memory loss are not far off in the future either with his unusual finding. So what's his secret? Subliminal ringtones. The Discovery Channel has lent credibity to his ringtone "surgery", too. By listening to the Rock Melon ringtone 20 times a day for ten consecutive days, it was shown that breast size can be enlarged through subliminal messages.
Ringtone creator Hideto Tomabechi plays deep programming messages of a baby crying intermixed with other messages that open up the channels to different control spots in the brain. Thanks to his ‘proven’ research, small-chested Japanese women are flocking to the ringtone as an alternative to invasive plastic surgery. I wonder - could such a far out idea as this hold promise for curing disease too? (but then all the $$$$ made by the healthcare system would go out the window! ) Anyway its interesting - and JUST COOL!

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