windows :: updating to save money

I love these new flat pak cabins made of prebuilt panels that building companies like Form and Forest  are coming out with. They are sleek, minimal and soooo efficient that everything you need and could want fits right into one neat little package as small as 635 square feet. In order to maximize that small  space though, one has to be creative. Taking advantage of  open outdoor space can really make a difference in how you feel inside your  small space. If you have nice big open windows like these, then covering them for privacy, yet preserving your view to the expansive out-of-doors  is key. 
I like the new shades that The Shade Store has recently introduced for just such an installation. Their window coverings called Eco-Solar Shades not only add style, but are truly energy efficient. They are environmentally friendly too, conserving energy and saving you money at the same time. They have some unique features that I really like. They absorb heat, keeping your home comfy in both the summer and winter months, they reduce annoying glare and they protect all your beautiful furnishings and carpets from harmful UV rays which can damage and fade the fibers (and fade artwork on your wall as well - bet you didn't know that!). PLUS they are minimal enough to preserve your view of the outdoors, yet sleek and stylish at the same time.

Even if you aren't building a new home or  putting up a prefab like these flatpak cabins, consider how updating from inefficient window coverings to ones like these solar shades can add beauty to your living space and put money in your pocket, too! Right now, The Shade Store is offering 15% off and free shipping on all orders that use the code: IZEA01 . So hurry,  check them out!


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