The US MAIL :: goes midcentury modern

Okay , I admit I'm a little behind the times when it comes to postage stamps. Yesterday I had to visit the USPS.com website to see how much a first class postage stamp is because I had a letter to post and had no idea how many of last years postage stamps (that I found in a drawer) my letter would need. You see, I pay all my bills online and email everyone so have little need for snail mail. The rates change so often too and so does postage stamp art. So I was highly impressed when I saw these nifty Charles and Ray Eames postage stamps on the USPS site ( via ohdeedoh ). I think they're cool and so will you if you are a midcentury- modern -aholic like I am (sometimes). Even if they did come out last year ;) I'm sure you can get them at your local PO.

I'll never be a collector of stamps but these little beauties are definitely JUST COOL!Hey I wonder if they have any Frank Lloyd Wright's?

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