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I love tiny buildings and this is the tiniest pre-fab ever, taking up a mere three meters square. It's  called Mudgee Permanent Camping designed by Casey Brown Architecture, Australia.
The sweet little prefabricated structure is a permanent camp located on an isolated mountain in Australia . Panoramic views from the tower of this tiny house encompass hundreds of miles  of natural pristine beauty. Sheathed in copper, the 10×10 foot building closes down to protect it from brush fire and precipitation and  it employs a passive heating and cooling system using a water collection cistern ,which also provides running water. Talk about self sufficiency! The copper exterior walls can be raised or lowered for sun and privacy and breathtaking views of nature all around. Inside it has a kitchen, living room,dining room with wood burning stove and a sleeping loft on the second floor. The bathroom is located separately just  steps away.
How cool is this tiny camp getaway? It's JUST COOL!

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